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Since more than 100 years Muller Machines SA have built up a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability with the sale and purchase of second-hand machine tools. The company exports all over Europe, America and Asia.
Nearly one century after the company's foundation, and after extensive experiences in the fields of the construction of lathes and milling machines, Schaublin Machines SA continues to follow  the same target - the construction of high-precision machinery. Today, they are constructing and distributing conventional lathes, CNC lathes and vertical machining centers milling.
Union MechaTronic Inc. is a global integrated machine tool builder bringing a combination of deep industry experience and expert knowledge, to offer our customers high quality machines with services.
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Yongda Machinery Co., Ltd originally from Taiwan, has more than 40 years of manufacturing and management experience professionally manufacture various kinds of hydraulic rock drill, rotary head, drifter and other advanced
drilling equipment for roadway,railway, tunnelling,geological surveys, foundation strengthening, mountain mining and so on.
The company was established in 103 years of the Republic of China (Gregorian calendar 2014), is a combination of Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan technology integration company specialized in manufacturing high-precision, high efficiency hobbing. We have a very rich professional experience and a sound development and manufacturing teams.
Their background is very varied both for the roles covered and for the disciplines: we range from mechanical design, to structural and dynamic checks up to experimental tests, software and firmware development. The roles covered range from the specialist technical role to the project manager, team leader up to the management of complex and articulated programs that are distinctly multidisciplinary. Developing compact VMC with spindle speeds upto RPM 40,000
A recognized specialist in this field of high-precision CNC machining and complex metal construction, for medium to large parts (0.05 to 10 metres, 20 tonnes) with more than 35 years of experience. Very responsive, attentive to the needs of our partners, we offer a very high quality service
CNC INDIA TOOLS & SERVICES PVT LTD., Conceptualised in the year 1992.
Automation Solutions
  • Robot and Gantry applications for machine tending
  • Conveyors and Assembly solutions
  • Welding applications
  • MIS/IOT Solutions for Industry 4.0
Machining Solutions
  • Design & Manufacture of Conventional and Hydraulic Fixture
  • Customized turnkey solutions
  • Non-metal cutting SPM’s
  • Authorised Distributor for Mitsubishi carbide cutting tools.
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FCDH Aciers is active in the sale and development of fine steels. We provide you with our expertise in metallurgy through personalized advice.
Having headquarters in Oensingen, their agile team of around 70 highly specialized employees develops fully automated complete rotary transfer solutions tailored to the individual needs of respective customers.
With Imoberdorf rotary indexing systems, our customers from the watch, automotive, compressor, lock, and medical industries benefit from enormous increases in productivity and at the same time significantly simplified production processes.


With more than 30 years of passionate research, product development, and production, Mr. Laurent Juillerat has handed over his life’s work to new owners MU-Tools who are equally passionate about precision and craftsmanship.  
Mr Alain Grimm, who has many years of experience in the field of honing, joins forces with Mr Martin Boeni, owner and general manager of BBN Mécanique SA, a company specializing in the manufacture and overhaul of high-precision spindles, to take over HJB SA.
In order to bring the new company as close as possible to its core business, the new owners have decided to rename the new venture” Mu-Tools SA” (pronounced “µ-tools”).
The new team are keen to continue the work carried out by Henri and Laurent Juillerat over the decades and to further develop diamond / CBN tools for a variety of applications such as honing, grinding and polishing.



High Precision Dial Gauges


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